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Say good-bye to annoying shaving, messy hot waxing and painful threading treatments forever with Soluna Medspa IPL Hair Reduction Treatments. Almost 3 times faster than the leading light-based hair reduction system, IPL Hair Reduction Treatment can safely remove unwanted hair from women's legs or men's backs in just under 30 minutes. Moreover, smaller areas - such as the underarms, upper lip or bikini line- can be treated in even less time.

No Unsightly Stubble or Embarrassing Regrowth
Since the light pulses penetrate deep below the top layer of skin-at the root of the hair-there is no need to let hair grow out before your next treatment. With intense pulsed light treatments, you can remain virtually hair free all the time. Get the smooth, supple hair-free skin you've always wanted with a Palomar's IPL Hair Reduction treatment today.

Results You Can See For Yourself

Frequenctly asked questions

What body areas can I get treated?
Any area on your body can be treated (except around the eyes).

What are the treatment sessions like?
After your initial preparation, your treatment provider will move a wand-like hand piece over your skin. The handpiece emits a light that disables the hair follicles. Most people perceive the light as a gentle "snapping" sensation. Once this is completed, the treatment provider will wipe away any loose hair from your skin.

What can I expect after treatment?
Most people experience some mild redness and tenderness in the treated area shortly after treatment. This does not interfere with normal activities and usually subsides within a day. In some cases, the redness may last longer, but will still be mild and temporary.

What is the difference between Laser and Pulsed-Light Treatments?
Pulsed-light systems and lasers are very similar and remove hair in basically the same way. However, the Paolmar Pulsed Light Systems use a new technology that removes hair up to ten times faster than lasers.

How long are the treatments?
It depends on the area that is being treated.

Legs Approx. 30 min Back Approx. 30 min.
Bikini Line Approx. 15 min. Underarms Approx. 15 min.
Chin Approx. 10 min. Upper Lip Approx. 10 min.

Can people with darker pigment to their skin have the Intense Pulse-Light Treatments done?
Yes. The Pulsed-Light is ideal for all skin types.