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anti-aging & injectables
A little wrinkle here. A deep crease there. And tight, withered lips. They're no match for the wide variety of instant beauty solutions available at Soluna MD. Sometimes you just want a quick fix that's affordable. That's when you can trust the medical professionals at Soluna MD with a wide variety of injectable solutions that take the years off your face and hands almost immediately. We proudly offer:
  1. Botox® – it's all about freedom of expression™
  2. Restylane® – natural beauty from within™
  3. Radiesse® – the magic ingredient is you™
  4. Juvederm® – parentheses have a place but not on your face™
  5. Evolence® – a naturally younger-looking you™

Affordable. Effective. Naturally lovely. The results will astound you. Call today at 305.446.0440 for a complementary consultation.

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4251 Salzedo Street Suite 1330 Coral Gables, FL 33146